THRIVE:  To grow vigorously; to flourish. Our idea of Nicaraguan youngsters thriving means that they get two important things:  An Education and an Example. An Education can break the chains of systematic poverty and provide the opportunity to move past an otherwise bleak existence. For us, that Example is Jesus and His great call was to make Disciples of Himself. He began with a small number of people and our program is doing the same. Each of our students will be paired with an older mentor who is actively following Jesus and has grown up navigating many of the same obstacles that our kids are facing. In just one season, we've already seen the hearts of the hardest kids soften, and we can't wait to keep that momentum going.    

HOW SPONSORSHIPS WORK: You can sponsor a child's Education & Discipleship for $70 per month or $840 for the year. You can also choose Education ONLY or Discipleship ONLY for $35 per month or $420 for the year. There is also an option to start a campaign which is great for rallying a family, classroom, or a small group to collectively sponsor a child. See the chart on the right for an overview of what each sponsorship includes.