Education and Discipleship

Age: 15

Place: Salinas Grande, Nicaragua

Project: Student Sponsorships

Gender: Female

Community: Salinas Grande

Ariela has been waiting 233 days for a sponsor.

Sponsorship Level

Ariela lives with her Mother and 3 sisters. She helps out her family by doing chores and in her free time she likes to read. It would make her happy to always be close to her family. Her favorite subject in school is English and she would like to be a psychologist when she graduates. If she could improve her community, she would plan a clean up day. 

Salinas Grande, which means "big salts," is a fishing community on the west coast of Nicaragua. The town is named for a the salt production facility that operates nearby. Most of the boys are becoming fishermen or leaving to work in the agriculture industry around the age of 14 or 15 without completing high school. The girls are under cultural pressure to get "married" and have kids by the age of 15, which leaves them with no hope of completing their studies either.  SuNica's Discipleship & Education program is built to make it easier for them to stay in school, and also provides an opportunity to learn what it means to follow Christ. Since 2015, SuNica has come alongside the community to support the youth and recently, complete a full scale Clean Water project, piping water directly to each of the 460 homes.