Discipleship Only

Age: 13

Place: El Porvenir, Nicaragua

Project: Student Sponsorships

Gender: Female

Community: El Porvenir


Alisson's favorite subject in school is English. Her goal is to attend University and become a clothes designer. Alisson helps out her family by cooking and in her free time she likes to play. She would help make her community better by cleaning it up and paving the streets. Her favorite food is beans and rice with cheese and sour cream. 

El Porvenir is a rural community of about 135 families in the region of Chinandega. The farther in the outskirts of the city you go, the more poverty you will encounter. Since 2016, SuNica has come alongside the community of El Porvenir to complete construction of a full scale Clean Water project, piping water directly to each home, and the building of Modern Bathrooms for each family. As is the case in most rural communities in Nicaragua, most teens feel pressure to leave school to begin working and/or to get married and start families, which leaves them with no chance of enhancing their job prospects through education.