Here at SuNica, we're hard at work in our effort to help Nicaraguans thrive through Clean Water, Education, and Discipleship. was designed for you to get more intimately involved and to follow us more closely than a newsletter would allow.

Below the map you'll see some blue rectangles that represent the projects we have going on right now. You can follow a project or even start a campaign to help us complete one.  We'd be stoked if you did!

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Redemption for Emilio

Posted: 02/19/14 @ 04:38 PM

The other night I went with Emilio to go meet an old boss of his. Emilio had done work for this man on-and-off for a few years, but the relationship ended with Emilio blowing an opportunity to have some real responsibility and income. So we went to mend that relationship and ask for forgiveness. Read more

Written for The Pease Family and Leon

Our First Home Group

Posted: 02/13/14 @ 10:59 AM

This past Monday, we hosted our first Home Group meeting and ended up having 11 people show up. We had a pot luck appetizer kind of meal and played some ice breaker games. Most of us knew each other already but not everyone. Read more

Written for The Pease Family and Leon

What's Going on with Water?

Posted: 02/03/14 @ 02:23 PM

Glad you asked. For the last few months we've been engaging several Nicaraguan villages in Participatory Rural Assessments (PRA). PRAs are designed to empower villagers to determine what their greatest need is as a community. Read more

Written for Turn on the Water

THRIVE - the promo shoot

Posted: 11/13/13 @ 10:18 PM

This past week, Josh, Rydder, and I spent a good chunk of time filming a couple of videos on location in Nicaragua. The most of important of those, was a promotional video for our holiday campaign which is called THRIVE. You would think that shooting a video that's ultimately going to last 45 seconds wouldn't take a week to capture, but nothing wanted to cooperate. Read more

Written by Alan Wilser for Child Sponsorships and Chinandega, Nicaragua

Vida Joven: A Partner in the Making

Posted: 09/30/13 @ 12:46 PM

Betty and I had a good meeting with Manuel on Friday. We met at his house and talked for an hour or so. He's still super enthusiastic about working together. Read more

Written by Alan Wilser for Limonal Discipleship Program and Chinandega, Nicaragua

Settling In

Posted: 09/18/13 @ 11:57 AM

It has been said that if something is easy, then it probably isn't worth doing. I tend to agree with this in a general sense and I think that God agrees with this in every sense. Betty, Andrea, and I have now been here in Nicaragua for 2 weeks. Read more

Written by Josh Pease for The Pease Family and Leon

Launch Party: check!

Posted: 09/03/13 @ 11:34 AM

Fun, but sad, SuNica's launch festivities have officially been had. The first of those was a great party at Cafe Caturra last Saturday, August 24th attended by over 150 people. SuNica raised $6,300 which makes it our biggest fundraiser to date, so hip hop hooray for that effort! Josh got a chance for one last mini-adventure with his closest friends this past weekend. Read more

Written by Alan Wilser for Launch 2013

Scaling it back

Posted: 08/23/13 @ 10:32 AM

This is an update that I knew I'd have to write, but was really hoping it wouldn't be for our 1st project. 
SuNica's hope to drill a deep water well in Troilo, accompanied by a piped-in water supply to every home is becoming increasingly dim. Despite the fact that we believe that this project would be the best option for the community, we are just not getting the community involvement that is required to move forward. Read more

Written by Alan Wilser for Troilo, Nicaragua

We're Launching

Posted: 08/22/13 @ 12:08 PM

Check out this recent blogpost excerpt. We believe in an earth where the kingdom of heaven is in full effect. For SuNica, that means people in Nicaragua thriving with clean and abundant water. Read more

Written by Alan Wilser for Launch 2013

One Step at a Time

Posted: 07/01/13 @ 10:09 PM

We have been advancing on Troilo Water Project. When I started this job, I had no idea how hard it would be to organize a community, be sustainable, and perform the necessary research to effectively understand previous water efforts that have been made in the Troilo area. The good news is that this process will help me and SuNica in general to do a better job in the future. Read more

Written for Troilo, Nicaragua
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